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Although I have been suffering with this sleep disorder all of my life, I was diagnosed with moderate Obstructive sleep apnea at the age of 31 in August of 2017. I have tried CPAP for five months, but couldn’t tolerate the treatments. Then in February of 2018, I received a custom dental mouthpiece to treat Obstructive sleep apnea and still currently use it. However, even after many adjustments,  I still have the same symptoms of snoring,  severe anxiety,  depression, lack of confidence, self esteem,  etc. It has put a stress on my life in all aspects,  such as my social life, my relationship with friends, family, and my significant other.  I just want to be back to normal and be my happy self, and don’t want to use anything as a setback. I believe although we all have our challenges,  that everything happens for a reason and that God doesn’t put us through anything we can’t handle. So thanks to everyone who shows support and God bless!

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