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Christmas Eve the family are surpose to be together getting ready to celbrate holidays right?  Well Today was tragic.  4 people lost there lives today.. ,Tammy, Selby, Shane, and Nikki.  All at home all lost there lives on Christmas eve.  Family discovered them dead inside the home today when they went to visit for Christmas.  Please the family is needing help no donation is to small any little helps they have 2 people to bury.  If you can help them out that would be some stress lifted off there shulders while people are spending time with family this  holiday they will be planing funerals and trying to find out where they can get help.  The money will help cover the cost to lay these people to rest. Tammy Pearce was my mother and Shane Pearce was my brother we are hurt deeply about this it was so tragic please share donate and pray.  Thank you. To clear up everything my real full legal name is Jessica Taylor but I changed my name on Facebook a few years back. Tammy was my mother…

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