Help Us Save Hundreds Of Homeless Kittens This Season

This season Paws of Love Animal Rescue has saved almost 250 cats and kittens.  Sadly, this has left us with veterinary bills over $10,000, and increasing every day.    A huge number of these rescues are orphaned kittens, pregnant Queens about to give birth, or with a litter of newborns. We have recently had a number come into care with TWO litters of kittens in tow – older kittens AND newborns, or nursing mothers with one litter who are already pregnant and give birth to another litter.  We take on a huge number of newborn orphans who have to be hand raised around the clock – an exhausting task.  Often the mama cats we take in are just kittens themselves, as young as six months when giving birth to their first litter.   They are undernourished, tiny and underdeveloped for their age, struggling to grow themselves and nourish their kittens.

We try to play a part in breaking this cycle by ensuring all these cats and kittens get the best veterinary care, and socialisation love in foster care, and are responsibly rehomed after being desexed and microchipped, but all this comes at a great cost.  While we recoup some costs through small adoption fees, the cost of saving these lives is enormous.

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