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I have 7 teeth that I need to remove an replace……….(my teeth had degraded really badly because of my anemia which went untreated for a while before knowing I had it, I’ve already taken out 4 teeth, and there are the 7 left that needs removing)……………. but I don’t have the necessary funds to do so as we all know just how expensive dental work can be..

I’ve been trying to save up on my own but the problem teeth are getting worst by the day to the point where I’m sometime afraid to eat because I’ll likely be in pain right after…

Now I’m at a point where I’m afraid I’ll be in constant pain if I don’t get them removed soon so that’s why I decided to attempt running a campaign here.

Any help no matter how small will be truly appreciated……and hopefully with your help I’ll be able to eat fearlessly again…

Thank you sooo much in advance!

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