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Help Thor to walk again

Thor, our great dane 21 months old puppy, needs an urgent surgery in order to continue walking.

Thor came in our life on 23rd March 2015: After losing Tabata, our 11 years old beloved Dalmatian, we felt great depression and sadness in our life. But still, we decided to transform this sadness into love for another puppy in need.

When we took Thor home from an animal rescue association, he was 10 months old and his bark was all but thunderous.

He was underweight, wounded and fearful of everything and everyone.

Thor developed, he turned into a fine dog. He loves children, always protect and play with them and have a large group of friendly dogs to play with. He transformed, from a little weak puppy, to a strong, loyal and friendly companion.

He loved to walk on stairs but… Two weeks ago, he stopped. His legs are weak, he doesn’t run or jump like the great dog he is anymore.

Our vet, who visited Thor since his arrival, never saw the great disease affecting him.. Dysplasia. It’s debiliting him, even when he shows his strong will to live like he always did.. He was diagnosed with strong dysplasia with arthrosis on his left knee and a mild hip dysplasia. Since our old vet never found out, this disease had time to worsen Thor’s situation..

Even is little brother, Týr, 9 months old, suffers seeing his brother unable to live to its fullest like he did. Týr tries to cure Thor, help him, bringing him his toys.. The little one goes to great length for his older brother.

Thor now urgently need to a surgery and a new house, Since we live on the 3rd floor.

We will never abandon him in anyway, that’s why we are searching for better house that suits his needs.. But rents are too high and by adding the surgery cost..

Everything seems out of reach.

Thor and Týr are like sons to us. They gave us back our will to live, a purpose. And we don’t want to leave anything unfulfilled for them.. We started selling our belongings, but unfortunately it’s not enough.. That’s why we are asking for you, for your help..but not for us, for our beloved four legged friends.

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