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Santa wants to deliver cheer all year long and not only on Christmas but on Birthdays, too

Welcome to the Santa’s Birthday Office Crowdfunding Page!

We are so happy you have made your way here today and we cannot wait to share with you our mission and hope that you are as excited as we are to embark on this new journey where kids across the world can see the joy of Santa all year long.

We are creating a program where kids are delivered gifts from Santa on their birthdays.
We are businessmen inspired by the happiness and smiles of children.
We live in a world where we want to know and see everything, yet Santa remains one of the last magical stories we have, so we feel Santa should brighten the lives of children on their birthdays as well.

But we are delivering more than just the magic of Santa, we also have an element of surprise. No child has ever received a gift from Santa on their birthday.

In our profit driven world we want to take a step back and create something unusual which is not paid off with a dollar, but children smiling faces.
We think there is no better person suitable for this job than Santa, he already has a perfect resume and a good reputation among the children around the world.

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