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My son, Ian, is a 12th grader at a small private Christian school in Philadelphia. I’ve always had him in Christian schools because we needed smaller class sizes and love the environment. He is on the ASD spectrum and although very high functioning, smaller schools have been invaluable to his growth and academic success. Ian is the best. He has really stepped up to finish school strong and go to college. He wants to major in Mechanics Engineering and learn Robotics. And I believe he can do it. However, I owe tuition and the school won’t release his official transcript to the colleges he’s applied to. I started homeschooling my younger son 4 years ago so that I could afford Ian’s high school and then was laid off 3 years ago. Even with expanding my graphic design business and selling travel, it’s been super tight financially. This school year boy younger decided he didn’t want to be homeschooled anymore. So he’s started 9th grade in the same school as Ian, which had been an awesome blessing for his growth as well. My deepest wish is to pay off the past due tuition AND to be able to bless another student’s parents the way I hope you can bless me. Thanks so much. I love you for taking the time to read this. Blessings!

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