Help Nick Stay in Remission Safely

Help Keep Nick in Remission with Non-Toxic Preventative Therapies

Nick is a bright, kind-hearted Junior Black Belt who loves music and art. He is also a boy scout and enjoys hiking and camping.  After a long year of hard work in school, all he could think about was spending the summer with his friends.

School ended on a Friday and just 3 days later, we ended up in the Huntington ER.  Nick was transferred that night to Cohen Children’s. On June 30, in a meeting with a group of doctors and staff, Dr. Julie Krystal told us he had AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia).  She said he had 90% leukemia blasts in his bone marrow. I challenged her on the diagnosis because test results seemed to show a different type of leukemia.  When I asked for a pathology report,  she toldme it wasn’t available.  I asked for a second opinion, explaining I thought they were making a mistake and why.

She said I could pursue a second opinion, but they would not delay treatment.  She also told me very clearly if I didn’t sign consents immediately, she would call CPS, have me removed and give Nick the treatment anyway. Dr. Krystal stated the treatment for the first month would be the same regardless of the type of leukemia he had. This turned out to be false information.

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