Help! MeconoMorph Outgrew its Homes

My name is Viktor Genel. I invite you to be a part of a new art concept. MeconoMorph is an evolving form created entirely from business cards that are interlocked to create a fluid, 3D configuration representing Art, Math, and Business.

Reminiscent of Richard Buckminster’s renowned geodesic dome, MeconoMorph is currently a traveling exhibit, collecting new cards and interacting with its audience.

Be a part of this infinitely rising Art/Science/Business project. It’s growing well, but we’ve hit a major obstacle: the installations have no place to live, and consequently it may cease to grow.

MeconoMorph is a structure that has a chance to become an artistic landmark if we can clear those obstacles. It’s suffering because it outgrew all previous venues.
We need help with two things: your business cards, and your ideas for locations.

Your pledge will provide both – let’s grow together – donate now!

Well, what about outside? There’s plenty of space outside… except the MeconoMorph can stay outside only for a short time when the weather is friendly. Galleries are financially prohibitive (and probably not a long-term solution anyway, as a natural consequence of the MeconoMorph’s nature).

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