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Help me to buy a camera for my cooking channel

Dear Friends,

I am glad that I am here today and I trust that many of you are good hearted to lift up other people lives which brought me here to seek assistance in order to reach my aim

Let me start saying what I am about to do and why I am here for.

It’a been a long term dream that I was planning on providing E-education which benefits communities, societies from which I could have some living apart from my ordinary Job. My Interests have always been Internet and it’s surroundings. But unfortunately due to the exceeding weight of my commitments towards the family, I wasn’t able to implement / initiate what I wanted to do through the Internet. It’s because Internet never makeup your life in a day but it requires lot of commitments towards.

This Year 2016 has made me to step up on the goal that I am chasing through but using very limited resources surrounding me, Nevertheless I have never given up on what I am doing utilizing what I have,

But the actual fact is that non of the people would embrace my effort unless if the content has quality in it, this is where the situation made me to bring to this platform seeking assistance from the world is nothing to be ashamed of.

I am not here to exaggerate things, But What I all need is a good camera, a lighting setup a better Mic.

Alright, It seems you are too boring right now, why don’t you look at some of my Videos I have created ? Well if you don’t know, I am kind of talented in all things.. but expert in accounting, tech-stuff , a Gamer and cookings.

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