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Help Matia walk again

I’d like to tell you about my sister Matia. Matia has such a big heart and she always puts others before herself. She has her whole life. Matia is the middle child in a seven 7 sibling family in Syria. In the middle of difficult circumstances in a country full of chaos around her, Matia was always joyful. In 2017 Matia’s father needed medical attention which wasn’t available in Syria. Matia chose to accompany her father to Turkey where her father could receive treatment. Matia found a job as a dentist assistant in Istanbul, supporting herself and her father.

On a February evening earlier this year, Matia was waiting on the sidewalk to take a bus back home when a speeding driver lost control of his vehicle, careening on the sidewalk, hitting Matia, and then crushing her body between the car and a wall. Matia suffered severe head and chest injuries and several broken bones.

Matia was rushed to the Taksim Training and Research Hospital. Matia’s heart stopped.

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