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Help Loretta Finish Law School

Hello, thank you for showing interest in my story and coming this far!

My name is Loretta and am 24 years old. Last year I graduated from the university with an LL.B degree and this year i got admitted into the Nigerian Law School for the mandatory one year studies towards becoming a certerfied lawyer (Barrister) in Nigeria.

I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer since I was old enough to want anything. My dad died when i was nine and my mum who pretty much abandoned me since i was a baby couldnt care less how i fared. My grandparents have been doing all they can to make sure i get an education but my grandad who pays most of the bills died when i was in the first year in the university leaving my grandmum to struggle on her own to see me through. I made it through the University and got saddled with trying to raise enough money to go to the Law School.

Coming from a family where no one wants to help except my widowed grandmother who is just a farmer i had to get freelancing jobs, blogging and writing articles online to support.

I saved enough to process my law school admission form on my own. Education is very important to me and i know that what has been started would be concluded. The Nigerian Law school program is for one year and lectures resume this year November 2016 and since i have come this far i know i can make it with your help. This is why i have come to you, kind people to humbly ask for your help.

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