Help Gigi and his family to start over

I have started this gogetfunding account because I`m extremely desperate and I really don`t have any other options right now but to desperately bed people to help me. I`m hoping for a new beginning together with the person I have loved for so many years but destiny always seemed to keep us away from each other because she lives in Detroit ( USA ).

I live in Romania, which is one of the poorest country in Europe, and it`s impossible to move over there because most people earn $400 a month in my country. My girlfriend`s name is Noslen, and she has a 3 years old daughter and even though she is not my child I love her with all my heart and I`m trying to go there and support her.

All parents know how difficult it is to raise a child, specially if you are doing it alone, and my girlfriend doesn`t own a place, she is struggling because she needs to pay rent every month and she also needs to take care of her daughter and her underage brother. I feel so much pain right now as I literally feel like my heart is breaking because I can`t be there to help her.

I`m desperately trying to move there, find a job and be together with the person I love the most. Every donation is greatly appreciated, thank you so much.

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