Help For Chinyere Stella Nnadi

On my visit back home, I was able to meet a young lady. She is the daughter of a friend to my family. She likes to read, says she wants to become a lawyer in the future. A very courageous young lady, she is daring, adventurous and with limited use of both her hands, she still does more than some of us with all our limbs.

Chinyere was born with a deformed left arm, yet that does not keep her spirit down. Chinyere is always cheerful and never down or feel sorry for herself. But she would like the opportunity to be blessed as others. She has accepted her condition and knows it is something she’ll live with.Surgery will be life changing for Chinere. That is where I come in, while in the village, I told her about a website back in the States, called GoFundMe and I explained that there are millions of people out there in the world, who don’t know her but are will to find it in their hearts to help her. She immediately agreed to do, I first had to remind her that hundreds to thousands, maybe millions of people may see and read her story. She thought about it and later agreed to do it.

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