Help For A New Family Vehicle

Hollie and her children are a passionate family who is constantly on the move for doctors, therapy, and tutoring appointments weekly. Hollie’s friendly, approachable, positive and energetic personality has a unique way of helping others in need.

A Family’s Struggle

This year March 2018, Hollie and her 3 children (Shilah, Iaunnas, & Aiden) has faced real life challenge now that the family vehicle stopped running again. Last year March 2017, Hollie and her children were without a vehicle for 2 months.

At the same time this happened Hollie still owes $3800 from previous engine repairs in October 2017 and their only income is $1,400 a month. They are without any transportation and live alone in a semi-rural area. Hollie has no friends, or family nearby. There closest help is Hollie’s mother who lives an hour away.

Asking for Help

Hollie’s desire is strong to see her family through tough times. She shares her story for a call…

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