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Hello Dear Visitor!

Thank you to take some time to read about our sad story.

From my point of view I try to describe everything.

4 years ago my grandfather died in an accident.In the same year my grandma has become very sick. I decided to quit my job because she needed 24/7 care. She suffered dementia. In the end months she even recognised me. After 2 long and sad years she died in October 2015.

“In these years we spent all of our savings and ¬†we need to move to a cheaper apartment.”

I thought¬†our life is in the right direction again. But…

In November 2016 my father got a stroke at work. The doctors transported him to the hospital, but they could not save his life. His
brother and our friends helped to pay a part the costs of the funeral as well.

My mother diagnosed with cancer in the last October.

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