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Please help me to raise enough money to buy a much needed wheelchair for Scott. Scott is a Paraplegic wheelchair user and has a Spinal Cord Injury from a car accident 7 years ago. Scott is an inspiration to everyone that meets him; he refused to give up when he was told he would never walk again. He applied for hundreds and hundreds of jobs and after 2 years of struggling he managed to gain full time employment. Scott earns just enough money to pay his rent and bills, his wheelchair is not fit for purpose, it is old and falling apart, we are constantly fixing things on his chair for him and tightening the breaks. I went with Scott to look at and test the Carbon Black wheelchair a few months ago and it would be perfect for him; he applied for the finance to try to buy the chair himself but it was declined as its unaffordable for him. Scott does not know that I am crowd funding for this chair; please help me to give him the best gift he could ever imagine – an easier life. This chair will mean he is more comfortable, mobile, not fixing his chair all the time and he will be able to go to work and everywhere else without feeling embarrassed of his chair. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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