Help Brittany to pay for her mum’s funeral expenses!

Hi, my name is brittany collins and the woman named teresa collins (who recently passed away) is my mom THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT EMERGENCY!!! i had once made a gofundme account to help my mom pay her medical bills and to pay for her surgery but i guess it was too late it is really painful to lose my mother at a young age i was certain i would at least have 2 more years with her if she would of have surgery but the last gofundme account was not a success and i didnt make enough to even save up for it and my family isnt that big but they had tried to come up with the money for surgery but that too was not a success so please show yourcondolences and donate and get this trending so that we can reach out goal so when can pay for my mother funeral expenses also to help buy another house since ours was burned down a few months ago so please give us your support!!

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