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My name is Lucy Bieri, I am Nigerian born and live in Bern Switzerland over three decades. I started this fundraising to help a friend diagnosed with cancer for medical treatment.

The friend in question is Benedict Ikemefuna, a trained carpenter. He was once my classmate for a term in secondary school and later became very good friend to my brother.

In 2005, when I saw him, he owned a small furniture store, to patronize him, I bought a bed from him which I gave to someone as present. That was the last time I saw him, until last month September I travelled to Nigeria.

I was with my brother at home when he received phone message alert from Benedict’s wife, saying, come and see your friend for the last time, he’s dying.

That was when my brother started telling me the story of Benedict’s illness. He showed me couple of pictures, I was shocked, he looked like shadow of himself compared to 2005 I saw him last. That horrible looking boil on his neck and all the pain he’s been enduring.  My brother has been great support to the family. I asked what about his furniture business? I was told it folded up as he had spent all his savings on treating the cancer.

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