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Hello, my name is As’ka; and last year was very rough for me medically wise with still more medical expenses to come in this new year of 2018.

In May of 2017 I became chronically ill with tonsilitis, which is not typical for a 25 year old who as a child never had tonsilitis once. I was seen at Urgent care, given antibotics, and the infection disapated. However, my tonsils remained grossly enlarged, “Almost kissing” as my physican explained; which can cause risk of closing off the air way, as well as cause choking on solid foods, (which did happen, and my fiancee had to provid aid to clear my airway.)

There was no option other than to have them removed. Surgery required me to take a 2 week, unpaid, leave of abscences from work. This left me struggling to pay bills, and was the begining of the steep decent into becoming overwhelmed bu medical expenses.

Shortly after I recovered from having my tonsils removed I developed extreme anxiety which took multiple doctor exams and medication trial and errors to bring under control. The sudden and overwhelming onset of the anxiety was crippling, causing shakes, vomiting, and uncontrollable fear of anything and everything I could possibly think about.

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