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Help abandoned Cats and Dogs in BiH

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We are a non-profit dedicated to help build and recover animal shelters.  We are raising money for abandoned and injured cats and dogs from the streets of  Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We want to take care for cats and dogs of any breed, age, or physical condition.  The only thing these cats and dogs have in common is that they are all need love and respect.

We are raising money because the Country is not helping them as much as they need, but as you may already know, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in political, economic and security crises. Caring and trying to help to people in need, they can’t find funds for so many abandoned animals.

It breaks our hearts to think what is going on and that the cats and dogs might be hungry and cold.  We are setting up this Donation page to help them. Please donate what you can, any amount helps.  Your donations are tax deductible and will be used to provide shalter, food and water.

Thank you.

Support this campaign now!

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