Help a Veteran Stay Independent

Tiffany, a military veteran is in dire need of financial help and her friend has started a crowd funding campaign on to help her. She is too stubborn to ask for help from anyone so her friend decided to turn to the masses for support and started the fundraiser with a goal of $1000 which will help her to fulfill her basic needs.

Tiffany is a veteran in Trenton, New Jersey has served in the the army for 12 years, deployed 3 times. In addition to her work in the military, she also has a civilian job. However, the civilian job doesn’t provide a steady income, and she is currently facing some really hard times. Her job often calls her out because there is no work. Soon she will be out of work completely for a month or so. She is going through tough times and finding it difficult to pay her bills, rent, and more. She also has a service dog to feed and care for. Even if she receives a little bit of financial support from her family or friends, it is not enough to keep her going for long.

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