Help a sailor save the date!

For those of you who have met the love of your life, you know how blessed you are. For those of you who are married to the love of your life, that blessing manifolds in dimensions you never before imagined. I now have the opportunity to be twice blessed! Please help me give my betrothed the wedding of her dreams!

The reason this is so important to me is because I had pledged to enlist in the Navy before I met my hometown sweetheart. She has been – and still is – genuinely patient and supportive of my decision during the seven years of our military relationship. And for that – I am deeply grateful.

My name is Preston Craig, United States Navy. Giving my love a dream wedding would symbolize how much I have valued her incredible support over the years. But because I’m currently stationed overseas and she is living in the States, the cost that it will take to do this is staggering – an amount that I didn’t anticipate. Being in the military – especially overseas – insulates you from what it takes to pay for a wedding, airline flights, shipping furniture and all of the other associated needs.

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