Healp Dsean hear

My son dsean who is the sweetest little boy has autism/asperbgers and is now presenting with APD auditory processing disorder. After fighting with insurance they will not cover his hearing device. His school has donated a device for him to hear while at school but the rest of the time my son is lost. Please help us get him on a hearing device that will isolate sounds so he can hear clearly. When DSean grows up he would like to be an independent film maker/actor and world traveler he wants to help the world be a better place by enriching their lives with humor. DSean is a comedian and loves telling jokes. As his mom I will stop at nothing to ensure his dreams come true. As a child with autism in the regular public school system he faces lots of challenges he gets bullied and teazed and I have to pickup the pieces everyday. This hearing device will go a long way toward building his confidence that he might overcome any obstacle. Thank you for your help.

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