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Happy Mog For Healthy Kids

We need money to rebuild this Oldtimer into an mobile funpark for kids and families.

He´s an old man. He saw the world. His name was Bockmog.


We want to rebuild this very unique Unimog. We would like to transform it into a “mobile fun & family gym” to promote and create unique experiences and happy times  for kids, families but also schools and Kindergarden.

We already started the movement and got some traction, but now we want to boost it and create more awareness for how important movement is, to be physically, mental and emotional well.

But we need more impact, so we decided to donate our 20k Unimog for that purpose. And now, we need your help to get him ready!

Especially in this technical world children have to learn health early.

Natural movement and free playing outside and together with their parents and friends should be a normal part of their lives.

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