Happiness: The Joy of Giving

We cannot do great things on this earth, Only Small things with great love.

Jyoti Niketan mission located in suburb of Maharashtra, is looking after orphanage and specially-abled for more than 100 years. Many of them have got educated, got married and are settled down in life, However there are handful of around 30 Orphans who does not have anyone to look after. Its a Mixture of Handicapped to old age people, Life of these orphans have become difficult as they have no one to support and their source of support coming down.

  • I am 28 years happily married women, My mom belongs to this Orphanage who got married and got settled in life. We managed to evolved in the current age and someone she and my dad educated me. This orphanage is very close to my heart and i always wanted to do something for them, My source of income is not as much that i can look after my home at the same time, do something for the orphanage.  But when i came to know about this website, it left me with a hope of doing something for these people.

My Mom has told me the stories of when she was there in the orphanage, and i really feel sad for them. If there is small way you can help me spread happiness, God will definitely shower His blessings on you.

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