Give Peace a Chance with World Punjabi Congress

Promoting languages and culture for the attainment of peace and tolerance around the world.

The World Punjabi Congress (WPC) is a cultural nonprofit organization established in 1984 in Lahore with the purpose of promoting languages and culture for the attainment of peace and tolerance. The WPC has to date, organized more than 25 international conferences in Pakistan, India, UK, Austria, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, France and other countries.

World Punjabi Congress aims to achieve the following:

  • Nurturing cultural diversity through the promotion of national languages of Pakistan
  • Establishing peaceful relations between India and Pakistan through literary and cultural exchanges
  • Establishing linkages between Pakistani writers and writers of the world for the promotion of global peace and understanding
  • Providing a platform for dialogue among researchers and intellectuals for the dissemination of Sufi and cultural heritage of Pakistan

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