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The Texas Supremacy of Music&Arts Conservatory is a Fine Arts School that enhances & elaborates the talents of young artistic students.

Hello, my name is William Allen, founder of the Texas Supremacy of Music & Arts Conservatory. I am opening up a fine arts school soon in the Houston Metropolitan area to enhance the musicianship and artististic talents in this great city for our youth. I want to give ALL students around the Houston area the grand opportunity, experience to become great all around artists. This school specifically dedicates to the fine arts such as music, dance, theatre, art and culinary arts. The start up is very pricey and I need help to get things rolling with purchasing a 501c3, a place to lease and hold classes. With you help in your warm heart, WE can make this vision a reality by opening up this Fine Arts school. I believe in our children of the Houston area to become great leaders and soon graduates of The Texas Supremacy of Music & Arts Conservatory then later producing our next movies, portraits and master pieces.

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