ex volly ff seeking a better life

I am 61 yr old disabled man I am also a ex-volunteer firefighter and AEMT I served my community for 12 yrs.

I suffer with C-PTSD due to the fact that I was abused as a child. I now suffer with osteoarthritis in my left ankle from when it was broken as a child and never set. I have been teaching Sunday school at my church for about 5 yrs, I have taken a break from Sunday school because of my lack of a dependable vehicle. being that i am disabled and unable to work, i live on a very small social security fixed income. with that being said i am unable to give the car the proper repairs it needs. I have a hard time getting around do to my injuries and unreliable vehicle. making me unable to do the volunter and charity work i have always loved doing. another thing you should know about me is i havent always had the low quality of life im living now. at one point not so very long ago (3years) it was worse. i was homeless and living in the streets. when i wasnt in the streets i was in the wreck of a car i mentioned above. although i am a little better off now i am still suffering. everyday i get into my car i suffer from my C-PTSD all over again. seeing that car reminds me of that horrible time in my life and due to this i do not have the quality of life i would if i could reach my goal of getting a new car. I would like a new car of my choice to be able to get around without setting off extreme C-PTSD symptoms and with out the stress of worrying about a breakdown. I dream about a new Jeep 4 door Wrangler. Maybe a can get to enjoy life without the stress. The picture I have attached if from a award I received from tutoring at my local library.

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