Endless Car Troubles

Hubert is known for his reliability and willingness to help others with no expectations or strings attached. He’s not the type to ask for help, but this year has dealt him more obstacles than he can overcome.

The year was set for happiness, as he got married at the courthouse, then started saving and planning for a church wedding. Unfortunately, his wife lost her medical insurance and Hubert has been struggling to cover her ongoing costly expenses for an autoimmune disease.  On top of that, he purchased a car that was t-boned and nearly totaled just one week after ownership. Unaware of a reliable body shop, he took a misguided recommendation. The shop took two insurance checks without performing any services over a seven month period. After a complaint to the Department of Consumer Affairs, he was granted the option to remove the car. During this time, Hubert found out that the crooked manager left the company, and refused to return any of the $32,000 the insurance company paid them. Hubert has used all the assistance he could find and has been looking for an attorney to represent him, but he has yet to find a lawyer who considers his case profitable. To continue renting a vehicle, paying his wife’s medical bills, and plan a purchase of a new vehicle, he has been forced to pawn his wife’s engagement ring.

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