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Recently I started a sales job selling Kirby vacuums, (desparate times!) the week of April 10th which is their training. I had a pre scheduled doctors appointment (stroke survivor going on three tough years) on April 24th, a Monday. This also happens that the office is closed including Sunday except for occasional meetings. The following day back which is my first day in the field, I was told by my manager there is no work in Denver this week. It had been decided the Monday I had my physicians visit, that Texas was our first campaign. Without knowing of this nor notified and not having committed, I was left behind and no work this week. Needless to say I would have made a paycheck the 29th to cover my rent. I’m in dire straits to cover my share of the rent $650.00 for the month of May, 2017. Not making my share puts the other two roommates at risk, possibly eviction and we’re all over fifty. One roommate lives on his disability. Added to my problem, I’m entering my three month probationary period (May is the last month), and this doesn’t look good for a years lease agreement. Starting work next week, 5/1 only guarantees that I get paid on Saturday 5/12. This is a independant contractors position so no advancement. I’ve never asked for this kind of assistance before but my prayer is that someone understands. Yes, I’m what’s called the “working poor” and that’s okay but I currently have a roof over my head and some food on the table…Thank you and God Bless!

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