Emergency Orthopedic Surgery For Sylvie

Sylvie broke her ankle in two places and dislocated it on new years eve! Unable to get the treatment she needed due to inadequate medical insurance coverage she has endured nearly three months trying to heal and raise funds. Today she had enough to see an orthopedic Dr who has recommended emergency surgery to fit two plates and numerous screws or he fears she will never walk again. The cost of this surgery in total is US$5000 plus and estimated further US$5000 to pay for after care and physio. She will be happy just to be able to raise the funds for the surgery but everything is possible when you put it out there and trust in higher forces and peoples generosity around the world. So, please give any amount you can as people give others follow. This really is URGENT so please help with what you can and share with others to. On behalf of Sylvie and her young son we thank you!!

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