Dry Heat Baseball Foundation

At Dry Heat Baseball Foundation, we feel it is important to raise money for inner city baseball and after school programs. Sports has a role of reducing crime. If you leave kids on the streets then they will get into trouble. Our goal is to offer young people with few opportunities a chance to experience a sense of achievement.

Donations will help with setting up baseball clinics, after school  study programs, field trips and aid with helping teachers with purchasing materials to better help and educate our youth. All youth participating will be taught to do community service and give back to their community.

Togeather we can put smiles on childrens faces again and give them a chance to stay away from gangs and violence. Build better character and give them some sense of pride and make  positive changes in the community.

We are looking to set up summer clinics and other community functions asap. Please help us with our goal.

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