Donkey and Pony Rescue

Hello my name is Darrell Stclair I have lived in coles county il. For over 30 years I lived on a q horse farm most of my life got out of trianing horses years ago got back into playing with donkeys as a hobby and to get back in shappe after a ilness I started seeing things on the internet about horses and donkeys being sold to people killing them for dog food and other things and lot of people didnt know they was selling them to them for that so I started to think how I could help the donkeys and ponys out there I knew there was people that would love to have unwanted donkeys and ponys so that is why I have started this campain to help my donkey and pony friends I have started a place to hold unwanted donkeys and ponys I just need money to help out with the barn and food for them I cant do it all thats why I need your help did you know there is around 5000 donkeys and ponys sold to the killers.

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