Children Heart Pulse Mission

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” — Vincent Van Gogh

Worldwide congenital heart defects are rather frequent. For most of the children, the defect could be repaired with one single heart surgery or heart catheterization – with the result of a normal life instead of the suffering of the chronic heart disease with a short life expectancy. In low- or middle-income countries, neither the health system nor the families can afford the cost of this single treatment and the resources to detect, treat and follow up these children are not properly developed. Specialized departments and medical staff are not available in a sufficient number.

In Egypt, more than 28000 children with heart diseases are awaiting surgical treatment to get the chance of a normal life healthy children capable of participating in normal daily activities. The geographic location of Egypt will give the additional chance of managing children in Cairo from neighboring countries in a critical situation, like Syria, Yemen, and Libya.

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