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What We Need

We’ve currently almost put $2000 into this project ( Update: We’ve put $1753.00 into this project). An we need your help in bringing this dream of ours to light. We want to create software that actually works. Unlike some of the other rip-off internet security companies out there. We acutally want to deliver.

** Limited Time *** If you donate and help us build our software, We’ll give you years of free service according to your donation package.


Computer / Network / Internet Protection

Protects your PC against Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Phishing, Trojan Horses, Hacking, Pharming, Ransomware, Spam, Spoofing, Wi-Fi Eavesdropping, Worms & other online threats

Click Link for reference of what these threats are :

Safeguards your identity, personal information & online transactions Ensures emails & links actually come from trusted sources.

Assist in avoiding and blocking malicious websites, and preventing you and your family members from unsafe downloads. Tune up your PC to keep it at its peak performance all the time. Help finding your lost or stolen mobile devices. Let you manage your subscriptions and protected devices online. Add/remove devices in seconds. (Login forms) Secured online storage space.

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