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Bug the kitten


As a concerned and worried pet owner, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and seeking help for my beloved cat, Bug.

Bug came into my life when he was just seven weeks old. He developed inflammation on his ears shortly after coming into my care. The vet performed a biopsy six months ago that showed he has a rare condition. Pathologists have not been able to come up with a confirmed diagnosis at this point.

His unique condition causes his ears to form black crust on them. The black crusts fall off and grow back constantly. As a result, his ears are constantly emitting tiny droplets of blood. There is also a respiratory / nasal aspect to this disease, which again the vet and pathologists are puzzled by. He sneezes regularly and experiences congestion in his nose which causes inflammation.

Unfortunately, his condition has escalated and has become more severe over the past two weeks. The sneezing is much more intense, and the vet is unable to really do anything without a concrete diagnosis. On top of this, Bug fell last weekend from our patio. His rear end is sore, but I believe there may be something wrong with his tail bone.

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