Back On My Feet Again

Hello. My name is Adrinne Bryant, and I am starting this gofundme campaign because I am in dire need of financial assistance. I am in danger of being evicted from my apartment that I’ve had for over six years due to several strings of finance issues that have occurred within the past four months. Although I do work a full-time job, I also have a wage garnishment on my hands that snatches out no less than $120 dollars out of my bi-weekly check every time I get paid. I’ve also had to pay out a grand total of $800 dollars in car repairs for my car, paying off past due bills, and trying to get back and forth to work on time.

I am asking for $1,500 dollars only to cover the eviction notice I had placed on my door. Although the notice says I have 7 days to pay the back rent, I have talked to the landlord to try and work out a payment plan to lift the eviction notice. I understand that this is a lot of money to acquire in such a small time frame, but every little bit counts to paying off this eviction notice. I cannot afford to move anywhere else with my current situation, and nowhere else to go should I be evicted.

Thank You For Reading.

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