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I work wilth a non-profit based in Louisville, KY looking to promote the idea of a sustainable community. We are doing this through teaching martial arts and urban gardening. The martial arts will create a sense of confidence and discipline in an underserved neighborhood in west Louisville; while the urban gardening will give people the knowledge and tools to provide themselves with fresh produce to eat. As such we would like our organization to be sustainable. If we are able to raise this money, we will be able to get a 12 person archery tag kit that we can keep and use for fundraising events as we work to restore the historic gym that will be our dojo. This gym once trained the greatest of all time Muhammad Ali. From this gym we would serve the Portland neighborhood in Louisville with free martial arts, fitness, and gardening classes. We want to work in this neighborhood, because it is consistently underserved by the city. As of now the neighborhood is a food desert and is one of the lowest income neighborhoods in the city.

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