A Better Start for Kids and Teens!

We are raising money to create a safe place for children and teens in Prescott, AZ. Where they can go and get attention that they need. They can grow up as children interacting with animals, learn valuable skills, interact with others, and learn a little about the country life, and much more that children of today seem to be missing.

My wife has first had experience growing up in a horrible childhood with many acts of abuse. Leaving home with nowhere to go at the age of 12, never being able to be a child. We would never imagine or want a child to have a life growing up that way and we are doing something about it.

We have already started building a ranch to make our vision a reality. We have purchased 36 acres of land, just finished a guest house, we also have chicken coops, and started on horse corrals. That is just the beginning and has completed Phase 1 of the project to get us on the property to start building full time but has also depleted our funds.

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