200 Wheelchairs shipped to The Gambia

Legs4Africa is looking to raise six thousand pounds to furnish The Wheelchair Centre, that supplies the whole of The Gambia, with wheelchairs, parts and tools as well as the nearby physiotherapy department with essential equipment.
Over a hundred wheelchair users are being forced to wait for repairs and customisation of their wheelchairs due to the lack of tools and parts. In desperation, the frustrated technicians have resorted to using scrap metal just so some wheelchair repairs may be made but this is neither ideal nor a long term solution. The skilled wheelchair centre engineers are waiting for updated tools and parts so that they may customise each donated wheelchair for its intended recipient.
Legs4Africa have seen, first hand, the woeful state of the workshop and have spoken to wheelchair users which this lack of resources has directly affected. The engineers are ready to go, all they need is the tools and equipment.

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